Maybe your website worked well for what you needed originally, and maybe it’s time for an update. If your business goals have changed substantially since you first created your website, consider updating it to reflect the changes. Here are 6 signs that it may be time for a redesign:

You still use navigation “buttons”
Some of you know what those are. For those of you who don’t, they were pretty much standard design practice about a decade ago. The great thing about these buttons was that they provided a structure to your visitors. The downside was that they didn’t support updates very well. Once you added new content those buttons were hard to find because they dropped down a few levels on your organization tree. Today you need a website designed from the ground up for scalability and growth.

User engagement could be better
This one might seem simple, but if your visitors are confused by the layout of your site, then you may have a problem with the design. Try to get feedback to determine how easy is it for people to find what they’re looking for on your site. Ideally, your goal is to provide the best user experience possible and encourage engagement and repeat visits. Check also for any broken links. Broken links either internally or linking to outside sites that no longer exist is a sign that your website needs a massive overhaul to improve its relevance and usability.

Your website isn’t mobile friendly
Best practices for websites today include a mobile-first approach. Make sure your site is responsive for easy viewing on any device. This means you would have one site that adjusts according to the device that’s being used. Because a growing number of users (average is 26%) are finding you from their phone, your site would ideally be designed for mobile first, and then desktop. Google released a recent algorithm update which rewards responsive, mobile-friendly websites with higher rankings on mobile search. If your website can’t be viewed easily on mobile, consider redesigning it to make sure mobile users can find you.

You’re having trouble with your hosting company, or your site is down
This one happens more often than not, especially if you’ve had a website for years. If you are not completely sure where your website files live, then you might want to consider a different provider to host your website. Why not take the opportunity to redesign your website as well? If it’s been long enough that your hosting provider’s name doesn’t jump to the front of your mind, consider consulting with a professional for new hosting options and to evaluate how well your website communicates your current products and offerings.

You haven’t changed your design in over 2 years
Believe it or not, the industry standard for businesses of all sizes has become 2 years. You should be updating your website with new content on a regular basis, whether it’s monthly, weekly, or daily. Every couple of years, take some time to update the look and feel to present a fresh face to visitors. Even if it’s just a cosmetic one, visitors today have expectations for a new experience every time they visit your website.

You can’t seem to find the time to make it happen
If you keep trying to find time to tackle this project and can’t seem to allocate the appropriate resources, that’s a sign that a redesign is long overdue. Maybe you’ve been trying to do it yourself and juggling multiple projects at the same time, or maybe it’s just that thing you can’t seem to get to. Either way, the fact that it’s nagging at you is an indication that you’ve been needing a redesign for some time. If this is the case, find a professional to share the project with, or contact us for assistance. It may just turn out to be easier than you think.