Sure, you know how important landing pages are to growing your business. Landing pages give you customers and targeted leads that you can nurture as they move deeper into the sales funnel.

What you may not know is that there’s a big difference between low performing landing pages and high converting landing pages.

Is there some secret to creating landing pages that convert? Will one strong call to action do it? Or is there some winning combination of copy length, colors and placement that will convince readers to click? Maybe it all boils down to a great offer that makes you stand out from others in your industry.

One thing is for sure, if you’re spending money driving traffic to landing pages that don’t perform well, you’re throwing your marketing budget out the window. That’s why it’s crucial to test your pages. Again. And again. And again.

This infographic from Wishpond shows you 14 stats-backed ways to increase the conversion rate of your landing pages.

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate Infographic

Key Takeaways

  • To keep readers focused on taking one action, make sure that your CTA is the only thing visitors can click on. This means limiting top navigation and other links that may be distracting.
  • Video has become a powerful way to increase conversions. If you can add an explainer video or even a brief introductory video, you’ll build immediate authority and credibility with audiences.
  • Visitors may not scroll down to see the entire page, so make sure that your call to action is immediately visible above the fold. Don’t limit yourself to using it just once. Placing it again further down the page is a great way to reinforce what you want people to do.
  • If your landing page isn’t easy to read on mobile devices, you’re losing out on a huge opportunity to generate leads. Make sure your landing page is responsive for mobile viewing so that the effort you put into promoting it pays off.
  • One of the most powerful ways to increase landing page conversions is to let people know why they should take action. Use bullets to list the benefits they will receive from clicking through.
  • When it comes to the opt-in form, simple is better. Decide what information you need to receive from visitors and keep your form limited to just that. A quick and easy form will get more signups than a long form that requires more time and a bigger commitment to complete.
  • People want originality and true, authentic experiences from brands. Try to stay away from stock photos and use original photography instead. If you must use stock images, here are some hidden gems for sourcing original photography that most people don’t know about.
  • Include customer proof in the form of reviews and testimonials to help readers visualize a positive outcome. If they see the successes others have had with your brand, they’ll be more inclined to click on your offer.

Don’t fall into the trap of offering the same offers everyone else does. If your landing page isn’t converting the way you need it to, you may want to go back to the drawing board and start with a creative offer that makes you stand out from your competition in a way that your audience can’t resist. Then use the steps listed here to shape that offer for success. If you’d like some help improving your landing page conversion rates, please contact us.