Our mission is outstanding design

Our goal is to deliver smart, effective design solutions. Our creative services include branding and identity systems, messaging, corporate literature, pitch books, and investor presentations.

We work with you to define your core values, identify your audience and understand your competition before we embark on our creative journey. With this research we then design a logo that reflects your business values and distinguishes you in the marketplace. This identity system provides the framework for your stationery and other marketing communications.

We provide strategic core messaging that articulates your brand’s values and uniqueness, and connects your brand with your audience. We then build a comprehensive messaging platform that serves as the blueprint from which all other communication is built.

Pitch books
Yellowdot creates customized and effective pitch books and presentations that help clients deliver clear and comprehensive messages.

Our visually stunning, innovative pitch books will support your brand and communicate your message to current and potential clients, investors, employees and new hires in a format that is easy to understand and impossible to forget. At Yellowdot, we’re experts in developing custom and innovative pitch books and PowerPoint presentations.

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